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The Upside of Down
by Tara West
A Memoir of Depression & Recovery

Peninsula by Tanya Ravenswater
A love story with a dark secret at its heart

Afraid of the Dark   
by Jonny McCambridge 
A memoir of mental health & fatherhood


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by Dr. Liam Farrell

Tales From the Bleeding Edge of Medicine

 by Declan Varley 

 In his 50th year, Peadar confesses  for each year of his life.


by George Matteson 

The Life and Times of a Tugboat Captain in NY Harbor



by Gayle Curtis   

When You're a Twin, How Close is Too Close?

by R.M. Clarke

Then the leaves whispered, the branches creaked. Something was up above, watching.


She could feel eyes upon her. She knew she was not alone anymore: Who’s there?

Then a voice came back to her:

You found me. After all this time.

by Michael Sheehan

In a series of interlinking episodes and intertwining stories, The Sugar Sugar Cafe book looks at the lives, lived out in quiet (or not so quiet) desperation, of a cast of ‘ordinary’ individuals in a small town on the outskirts of Cork city in Ireland in the dark days after the 2008 financial crash


The Latch to the Garden

Poetry from Edmond Sheehy

Treasury of Mindfulness

How to Rest in the Quiet Heart of Calm

by Paddy Brosnan

Then the Walls Came Down

A Prison Journal

Danny Morrison

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